November 28, 2011

Rainbow eggs from Araucanas

I’m so excited to have been able to get 1/2 dozen fertile araucana eggs to put in my incubator. I’ve never had this breed before but I’m fascinated with the blue green eggs they lay, and have wanted to have a few hens in our little flock of layers to add to the beautiful range of eggs I currently collect from our girls.

The breed originated in South America I’m told, and the fella I bought the eggs from told me they’re reliable layers, and as friendly as any other breed he has had. They’re a smaller bird than I’m used to – the rest of my birds are dual purpose – larger in size as they are good for both meat and eggs – whereas the araucana’s are kept for eggs only.

I know I shouldn’t be too thrilled about it yet though – I must remember not to count my chickens before they hatch……